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The beginning of my process is making and pigmenting paper in the paper studio. I add at least 6 layers of pigment on the cotton rag to create an unusual texture similar to canyon walls. This is a most unique way to create a painting as there is no other way to attain this effect.

Dot new.jpg
Preparing the mold for papermaking 2019.

I plan and pigment the entire sheet

Preparing the cotton pulp 2019.jpg

Preparing the cotton pulp

Pigmenting with cotton rag.jpg

Pigmenting with cotton rag

I plan and pigment the entire sheet.jpg
The first pigment layer is applied.jpg

As I work in the paper studio, I develop the color palette for the work before adding the pigmented pulp to the pulled cotton rag

Pouring the cotton rag 2019.jpg

Pouring the cotton rag into the mold

Preparing the pigmented cotton rag pots.

Preparing the pigmented cotton rag pots

Adding detail to the pulp painting.jpg

Artist painting with cotton rag pulp after pulling a sheet of paper in the paper studio

Dorothy in Andrea Peterson's paper studio, preparing the "canvas" by pulling a sheet of cotton rag and pigmenting it while it is still wet. When it's dry and pressed it proceeds to Dorothy's art studio where watercolor, ink and pastels add and enhance the images.

Two sheets almost ready to press.jpg

I went to the papermaking studio, it was 27 degrees outside and the heat was out in the studio! So I put on gloves, leg warmers on my arms, a wool hat and made 12 large sheets of pigmented paper. It was an awesome day!

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