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Battle of the Little Bighorn Personal Story

Updated: Apr 20

"The Battle of the Greasy Grass" is the name the tribes called it.

Deer Medicine Rocks is now a National Historic Site. It took a lot of research and phone calls to find out who owned this site,. It is on a private ranch in Montana, a few miles from the battlefield where the tribes carved images into the rocks and prayed before the battle. Carved into the rocks are images and prayers for strength, success in battle and predictions of what would happen. It is said that Crazy Horse prayed there.

This ranch is adjacent to the Crow reservation and Rosebud Creek and the rancher, Jim, who is in his 70's, attended school with the Crow kids.

He drove me out to the Medicine Rocks (an outcropping of large boulders) in his pick up truck and talked about the history of the land. The painting here is my interpretation of the gigantic bear that was carved into the rock. It is of the Plains Ceremonial Style of Rock Art.

Back at the house Jim brought out numerous items that he had collected from the battle on his 1,000 acre ranch – buttons, arrowheads, bones, fabric, fur, etc. He told me the story of the Sundance – a significant ceremonial event, a time for prayer and celebration. When Deer Medicine Rocks became a National Historic Site, the tribes came in and a Sundance was held. He was sitting with the tribal elders and said they were all blessed with seeing the appearance of the “White Buffalo” spirit, which signifies Peace and Harmony. It was an auspicious day for them.

It was getting late in the afternoon so he and his wife, Carol invited me to stay for dinner. It was an auspicious day for me.

It has been requested that I provide purchase information on the works in this blog. This original work , as well as prints and cards are available in Gallery 4, "If you love pictographs" The title is Harmony

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