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Mask or Kachina?

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

I know I've talked about the Texas rock art for the past few times. There is such a wealth of rock art all over the western states and I know I'll never see it all so I'll tell more stories about Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, etc in future posts. There is a place in SW Texas called Hueco Tanks (pronounced Wayko Tanks) that is full of prehistoric pictographs (painted images). There is one site that is in a cavelike structure that I have visited a number of times because it's so special. Since places like this are so remote, directions are difficult. So with this site, the directions are given by recognizing rock formations: "Go to the unmarked trail, start climbing up on the left side of the canyon, you will come to a rubber ducky, when you see it, look across the canyon and you will see a witch's finger, keep hiking up looking at the finger until it gradually becomes a crocodile . Cross over the canyon toward the head of the crocodile and it's right eye is looking into the cave. ( If you get to the onion, you have gone too far). Then, get on your back at the cave entrance and slide into the cave." I love these directions !! The cave has a number of painted "masks" that have become quite famous with rock art folks. I have also been told by an unnamed friend whose tribe is ancient that these "masks" are most likely kachinas, and if you look up kachinas you can definitely see the resemblance .

Thanks for reading ! More stories on the way

It has been requested that I provide purchase information on the works in this blog. This original work , as well as prints and cards are available in Gallery 11, "Unusual New Work" The title is: Shield of Wisdom

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Я всегда восхищаюсь, дорогая Дороти, вашим творческом!

Успехов вам и радости, наилучшие пожелания близким. С любовью, Nadezhda


Thank you Nadezhda!! I hope you are well! Sending you love 


I love reading about the history behind your Art, Dorothy. It brings the energy in the

paintings "alive"!



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