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Oh No ! We never go down there at night !

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

So, we were in the Wind River area in Wyoming, about 10,000 ft elevation, near the Shoshone reservation. There are 3 mountain lakes and we were on a steep incline facing one of the lakes. There were large boulders about the size of SUV's with a lot of petroglyphs (pecked images) all facing the lake. Many of them were frightening to look at and some looked like maps. I was told that these were part of a mythology thousands of years ago and many of the interpretations were about creatures that come out of the hot springs to steal children or entice men into the spring like the sirens, mermaids and rusalkas. Since they were carved and pecked at 10,000 feet many images resembled flying creatures - dragonflies, owls, hummingbirds. Some say that the Shoshones have incorporated these petroglyphs into their spiritual rituals.

We went around the lake to the other side where there is a small retreat center and talked with some of the guests. I asked them about the petroglyphs that are on the land of the center facing the lake. " Yes", they said , "but don't dare go down there at night ! There are very strange sounds that come from that rock wall". We were there in daylight and the wall images were large and phenomenal.

I was so inspired and entranced by these glyphs that when I came home I immediately began drawing them with pen and India ink. These are not exact replicas, but are wholly inspired by the Wind River images. The title of this drawing is "Mother's Day" I began drawing it on Mother's Day . My interpretation of the work is about a mom, her son, and her soon to be born daughter. It's about a mother's love and protection of her sometimes feisty children and the dangers they might face in their lives. Mother's Day will soon be here, so Happy Mother's Day to all that protect and care for children and other living beings!

This work is available for sale in the "Black and White" gallery on this website. The size is 22"x30"


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Bonnie Zimmer
Bonnie Zimmer
23 avr. 2023

Another wonderful and fascinating post and the drawing is amazing!


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